Liquid Gold '2020' - Olio Nuovo (new oil)


Picked and Pressed during Lockdown -


Kalamata, Arbequina and Special Release

Against all odds, we are excited to announce that  our much awaited  'Olio Nuovo' (Liquid Gold) 2020 is here.

Picked and pressed during the historic COVID 19 'lockdown'  - Olio Bello was fortunate to have been deemed an 'essential agricultural food producer', allowing our small team to continue production for the farm.

Known throughout time to be the purest olive oil and rich in antioxidants and medicinal value, Olio Nuovo (new oil) is fondly known as 'Liquid Gold' and is the unfiltered oil, straight from the press. 

It only has a short shelf life of a few months, but it doesn't get better than this!

We have crafted 3 oils this year:

1.Bold & Robust Kalamata (Greece), 

2. Smooth & Aromatic Arbequina (Spain) 

3. Inaugural 2020 Special Release (a first-ever blend of Boutellian, Corregiolo & Frantoio ). bringing Italy & France together in a bottle.

SELECT YOUR LIQUID GOLD OF CHOICE- including an Olio Bello First - 

(or buy all three as a triple pack!).

The robust  Kalamata needs no introduction and displays its characteristic peppery flavours, without being overpowering.  Similarly, our increasingly popular and delicate boutique Spanish oil Arbequina. is known for its aromatic qualities and nutty flavour - is a stand out this year.

Our 3rd 'Liquid Gold', Special Release 2020,  is an Olio Bello first.  Given the luxury of time, we went in pursuit of a perfect 'all rounder' oil. Taking  pockets from the  Provencial Boutellian, the  Tuscan Frantoio and Corregiolo cultivars, we have crafted a unique and beautifully smooth oil, creating a sublime end result

Here, the stronger Frantoio and Corregiolo is softened slightly by the delicate Boutellian. For this oil we definitely think that the  whole is far greater than the sum of the  parts! 

We hope you enjoy this inaugural and historic Special Release.  

Please note this is an exclusive online offer for our FOOBIES with 200 bottles only available.  Liquid Gold will be on sale at the Farm in small quantities only if any left.