Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Sold out!


Known as the 'wild olive' in Greece, Koroneiki is a delicate, refined olive oil, with a complex and savoury nature.

Soft bodied with a warm creamy finish, the oil is a great all-rounder and ideal for marinades,. BBQs, drizzling over salads, with scrambled eggs and omelettes, or simply with a freshly baked loaf of crusty bread.

Koroneiki has a gentle and subtle elegance and is definitely, right up there as a surprising and unassuming favourite, at the farm.

This oil is an 'all rounder' and good  finishing oil for dishes- perfect for the discerning home chef.

We hope you enjoy - this sophisticated boutique addition to our organic, olive oil collection.


2022: Winner Silver Medal - WA Olive Awards

"Green herbs, spices and guava. Sharp fresh grasses. Fresh and clean on palate. Tomato leaf flavours, along with a good transfer of flavours from the nose. Good pungency and mild bitterness. Very complex oil with persistent pungency"