Caring for your Oil - Our Labour of Love

We’re proud of the time and care that goes in to our olive oils and our commitment to organic sustainable farming.

From the traditional hand-picking of the olives, through to pressing, hand-bottling, labelling and direct Farm shipping - our process is driven by the traditional Italian methods and our Oil is simply overflowing with goodness and antioxidant value.

To ensure your Oil is enjoyed to its fullest, caring for your Olive Oil at home is vital, particularly in the long Australian summer, or any warm climate.

Our bottles are imported from Europe and made of the highest quality glass to protect your oils from light. Our quality storage in stainless steel vats and handling facilities are also first-class and help to guarantee that our Oil will last at least a year after bottling, (mostly two), if stored correctly at home.

Here are a few Things To Know and Do:

1. Olive Oil is like wine and is affected by 3 key factors:

light, air and excess temperature

2. For this reason, never keep your oil in the sun, on a window sill or by the BBQ! Store in a cool, dark place in the pantry or cupboard

3. If you're decanting your Oil, ensure it's in a dark glass or vessel to protect it form sunlight.

Anything you can do to minimise these 3 key factors, will maintain your Olio Bello Oil's quality, health benefits and product excellence.

Our first-pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is one of Australia's most awarded and our team is inspired on a daily basis - to find more ways to creatively incorporate it into our Cafe menu, gourmet deli and organic beauty range.

We hope you enjoy experimenting with our diverse range of Oils.

Please let us know any new discoveries and we'll share them on our social media networks and website!

Enjoy & please let us know if you need any help or have any questions! Contact the Farm Directly 97 559771 or email