100% Eco Wax Soy Candles

Create a sense of calm, mood ambience and pure relaxation, with our range of Olio Organics candles - carefully crafted at the farm, for serenity and well-being.

Our hand-poured 100% (chemical free) eco wax soy candles, are hand-blended, with a range of beautiful well-balanced fragrances and the purest, essential oils.

Inspired by nature, to reflect the scents and textures of natural landscapes and organic living, - we invite you to explore and enjoy, our unique collection.

We hope they bring a gentle light, positivity and sustained tranquillity, to your home and revitalise your favourite living spaces.

Choose from a rustic wooden style, or luxe, black and silver signature gift-box design.

Candles are available, in small or standard sizes.


Luxury Boxed Hand-Poured Candles Collection

Choose From 9 Premium Scents


Deluxe Hand-Poured Candles Collection

Choose From 9 Premium Scents

Hand Poured

Hand-poured at the farm by local artisans

Natural Soy Wax

Our candles are hand-made at the farm - from 100% eco-wax soy

Premium Fragrance

hand-blended with a range of beautiful fragrances and essential oils.

"With each candle made at the farm, we give thanks for the organic, natural landscape around us - and dream of a brighter and sustainable future, for all."