Celebrate Olio Bello's harvest and the arrival of our Olio Nuovo (new oil),with a special Harvest daily set menu. Start with a farm tasting platter of warm organic olives, hand-baked bread, dukkah and our showcase 'liquid gold' olive oil - straight from the press.

Follow on, with a signature pasta dish of your choice and a glass of local vino and piccolo coffee. Soak up the atmosphere of our bustling farm at harvest and reap the health and culinary benefits, of our prized Olio Nuovo' oil.

Book online by clicking on the link below or call 97 559771. Buon Apetito!

Cost: $45 pp (includes Olio Nuovo tasting board, pasta dish, glass of Olio Bello red/white wine and coffee).Does not include Foobies discount.

Enter the code "HARVEST" in notes section when making your booking.