All Six - 2021 Award Winning Oils

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The results are rewarding, as we present our full 2021 new season collection and medal-winning oils (500ml), including:

🥈Romanza (Corregiola)*500ml - Silver Medal

‘Vegetable aromas with citrus hints. Fresh vegetable on palate with firm pepper and persistent pungency and bitterness.’

🥈Koroneiki *500ml - Silver Medal 

‘Mild fruity and floral notes. Early bitterness morphed into sweet banana flavours. Gentle bitterness & pungency finish.’

🥈Arbequina*500ml - Silver Medal 

‘Vegetable aromas of artichoke and olive leaf. Aroma transfers to palate with strong bitterness and pungency. Persistent pepper.’

🥈Leccino *500ml - Silver Medal 

‘Ripe tomato aroma with floral hints. Firm pepper on palate with mild chilli like finish.’

🥉Kurunba (Bouteillan) *500ml - Bronze Medal

‘Green vegetable and apple aromas. Minimal nutty flavour Strong bitternes,s followed by pungency.’

Class 5: Flavoured oil: production of oil is 50 litres or more:

🥈Five Fruits (Lime & Lemon Orange & Mandarin Grapefruit) *500ml - Silver Medal

‘Distinctive blend of orange, lemony/lime aromas with peppery nose. Aromas transfer well to palate with peppery persistence with a smooth finish. Would match well with salads (fennel), chicken, as well as baking; cakes and cheesecakes. A versatile oil’

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