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The First Press Club Membership - 10 Night Package



    For Olio Bello’s New Lakeside Accommodation – Opening 2017

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve created six new luxurious and environmentally sustainable lakeside bungalows on our spectacular 320 acre certified organic olive farm.

    Architecturally designed and crafted by the award-winning Ecostructures Australia, the same team behind the fantastic Ramada Eco Beach Resort in Broome.

    Surrounded by nearly 10,000 trees and 14 unique olive groves, our vision is to provide the complete Olio Bello experience, by connecting people back to the farm and providing the ultimate ‘glamping getaway’ in this very unique part of the world.

    As one of Australia's most awarded producers of olive oil (EVOO), we thought it was only fitting that we call our VIP Accommodation Club – The 'First Press Club' –

    Named after the ‘first press’ method used for olive oil extraction and our liquid gold ‘Olio Nuovo’ (new oil) produced at harvest. Our first press oil offers the finest quality, is rich in antioxidants and is used to create our diverse collection, some of which are rarely pressed or created anywhere else in Australia – or even the world.

    Like everything we do at Olio Bello, our oil is always at the heart of our inspiration - including our new accommodation offering......

    In order to celebrate, we are offering exclusive membership to our “First Press Club” to the first 100 people . Founding members will then receive outstanding discounts, benefits and the ‘First Choice’ of Accommodation – prior to public release.

    Join Now - It will be so much fun!

    Find out more about The First Press Club

    Memberships purchased after public launch, will receive all VIP benefits, but will not have exclusive access to first choice of dates for the year. We will, however, aim to be as flexible as we can to meet your requirements.

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