"The Margaret River Deluxe Duo'

A special offer of hampers from Olio Bello and The Margaret River Chocolate Co


  • Margaret River Chocolate Co - Deluxe Gift Hamper:

    Hamper contains:

    1 x 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
    1 x Milk Chocolate Rocky Road
    1 x Salted Caramel Gourmet Bar
    1 x Fruit and Nut Gourmet Bar
    1 x Jamaica Coconut Gourmet Bar
    1 x 100g Milk Chocolate Pastelles
    1 x 100g White Chocolate Pastelles
    1 x Milk Chocolate Giant Freckle
    1 x Cookies and Cream Delights
    1 x Redgum Honey Crunch Coated Delights

    Olio Bello Bellissimo Gourmet Hamper

    Hamper contains:

    1 x 2019 Medal-Winning Oil (500ml Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
    3 x 50ml Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    (including flavoured & infused)
    1 x Organic Olives
    1 x Dukkah
    1 Mediterranean Relish
    1 x Mandarin Chilli Dipping Sauce (250ml)
    1 x Honey Mustard Dressing (250ml)
    1 x Olio Bello China Dish