Kalamata - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Limited Availability


The famous, plump, purple and intensely Greek olive variety is named after the city of  'Kalamata' (in Messina Southern Greece) and forms an integral part of Olio Bello's traditional organic range of olive oils, for both table olives and organic olive oil.

This magnificent, silky and slightly spiced olive oil is a favourite for visitors from around the world. 

Olio Bello's Kalamata Oil is not always pressed every year, due to its low yields, making it one of our highest sought-after oils, at the farm.


Rich aromas of thyme and a hint of pine nut and green banana

Flavours of celeriac, rocket and pine nut on the palate, followed by a lingering peppercorn, mustard green and strong peppery finish.

The nutty, spicy and chilli flavours of the oil, make Kalamata Oil ideal with stir fry vegetables, marron or crayfish, fresh pasta, mushrooms, tapenades, or as a pizza topper!  Enjoy with fresh crusty bread and Olio Bello Dukkah.