About Us

Committed to the environment and world-class hospitality, we've worked hard to become one of Australia's finest producers of extra virgin olive oil and now, we're excited to share our story, success and the health and lifestyle benefits of our award-winning farm.

As a 100% certified organic property, we invite you to experience the beauty of the seasons as they unfold across the property, where our olive trees are the stars of the show and our annual harvest, one of the best spectacles in town - as our Olio Nuovo (new oil' ) rolls off the press.

No matter what time of the year you stay -nature never disappoints . From changing olive and macadamia groves and a fortress of Italian stone pines through to organic lime and citrus orchards, native wildflowers and our resident wildlife - it's an extraordinary vision that was carefully planned by our Founders nearly 30 years ago and one that we look forward to sharing with our guests.