Thank you to everyone who entered the competition earlier in the year.

Here are some of our FOOBIES' favourite oils and recipe tips for the creative home chef!

Enjoy the health and culinary benefits of a 'Teaspoon a Day' of Olive Oil!

"I love the Olio Nuovo varieties - it’s that delicious fresh herbaceous flavour I like, the best."
Dawn - Kalamunda

"Lemon pressed oil is my favourite (at the moment). The subtle zesty citrus tang lingers. It’s versatility of use in both sweet and savoury dishes makes it unique. And of course, its exclusive to Olio Bello.
Lynley - Perth

"Trouble is, I love most infused flavours, so it’s really hard to pick one! I use the garlic infused nearly every day in cooking, but really wish you would bring back the rosemary infused. That one was really lush when cooking lamb 😊
Sue - Greenfields


"My favourite oil is the Parmesan Infused - we just love its delicate flavour and enjoy it with homemade focaccia and dukkah. Mmm, lovely!"
Christine - QLD


"My favourite is Lemon Pressed which I always use to fry fresh salmon in - it makes the skin crispy and gives the flesh a beautiful delicate flavour."
Irene - Perth


"I would have to say my favourite oil is the Parmesan Infused extra virgin olive oil. The flavour is amazing, the infusion of parmesan is spot on. I remember my first taste of this delicious oil at Olio Bello, it topped everything I had tasted!! 
Amy - South Hedland

"My favourite Olio Bello oil is 'Kurunba'. Goes with everything. Spirit of the Land has become the spirit of my kitchen! "
Candice - Wattle Grove

"My fave oil, if I had to pick one, would be the chilli & garlic infused.Perfect with pasta, on crusty bread for a wee kick, or added to cous cous. I am a big fan of Parmesan-infused oil, Lemon Pressed oil & the Harissa as well. Whenever I come down I check my stocks at home first & Olio is always on the visit list." Keep up the awesome work OB!!
Sonya - WA


My favourite Olio Bello oil is the Liquid Gold unfiltered EVOO. I believe its health benefits to be outstanding and the taste is absolutely delicious."
Marie - Gatton, QLD

"I love Olio Bello olive oils and really can’t pick between Kurunba with its delicious grassy pepperiness or Arbequina with it’s more delicate fruitiness."
Ruth- Hilarys

"I love the lime-infused olive oil because it’s light and fresh AND so versatile. It’s terrific in cakes, salad dressings and even just on its own. Perfect for ‘a teaspoon a day." 
Robyn - Perth

"Romanza, love this olive oil, but then love all the oils"
Janet - South Melbourne

"I love all the oils and have been buying them for a long time. The Chilli infused oil is wonderful, and adds flavour to pasta, sauces, and salads."
Barbara  - Sherwood, QLD

"My favourite Olio Bello olive oil is Lemon pressed. A sprinkle of flaky salt & a generous drizzle of Lemon pressed olive oil, absolutely transforms steamed vegetables especially broccoli & broccolini "🍋💛💚
Jenny - Melbourne

"My husband and I ALWAYS visit Olio Bello when visiting our wonderful south west. We LOVE the Chilli and the Parmesan oils."
Heather - WA

"Hello, my favourite Olio Bello oil is the Parmesan oil, because I can use it in a lot of cooking, especially Italian dishes and it just lifts up the flavour of a dish to another level."
Lyn - Morley


"We love all your oils - however would choose ROMANZA to top our list. We are age group triathletes so are often time poor- having to prepare quick meals to re fuel after training. Pasta and re heated roast vegetables are a regular .Olive oil is an important ingredient in our food providing some slow burn energy. ROMANZA not only provides this requirement but adds delicious robust flavour and hint of herb and pepper to these meals . Delicious!"
Audrey - Willagee


"My fave is ‘Five Fruits Pressed’ and this is because it is a star on any salad, that I put it on. Barely needs much else - as it is so flavourful and enhances the veggies. I might say the Roasted Garlic is very good to but probably closer to the cooler months!! 
Veronica - WA

"My favourite Olio Bello Olive Oil WITHOUT any question for the last several years is the Five Fruits, simply because I could drink this stuff, goes amazing on my salads, best one for making mayonnaise, putting in my olive oil cakes and almost anything else I use olive oil for. I don’t fry with it cause that would be a crime!"
Absolutely and sincerely
Theona - WA

"Olio Bello - Asian infused dressing - Oh what the heck there all delicious. How can you pick a favourite!" 
Michelle - Quinns Rocks

"I love the Kurunba oil, because it’s so fresh and smooth and the colour is beautiful - just perfect for any use."
Pat - Subiaco

"Tonight I am spoiling my husband with a chilli prawn and mussels pasta dish, with a big splash or two of Olio Bello’s Koroneiki Oil, ( or maybe the Kurunba, will decide which matches better!) Cheers Olio Bello team."
Cheyne - Winthrop

"My favourite oil from Olio Bello is the Premium blend . For a number of reasons!
1. It tastes so good 😊
2. I love the blue label
3. I know how good it is for me and I use it so much in a raw capacity and in my cooking .
Lynda - Cottesloe

"Parmesan infused is my favourite. I use it when cooking my spaghetti bolognese, risotto and ragu and also love it splashed over salad.Thanks for the opportunity to be in this prize draw."
Debby - South Yunderup

"My favourite Olio Bello product is the Chilli & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, because, I can use it as the base of so many dressings and sauces knowing that there will be a consistent flavour."
April - WA

"I like the Kurunba olive oil as it has a very unique taste without it being overbearing. It's so versatile I can use it for stir fries and salads!"
Karen - Kardinya

"My fave is (and has been for years) the Blue label premium EVOO! it has the perfect taste for me, goes with everything, and it is my go-to every day oil. No sense keeping it just for special occasions! (even though it tastes like it SHOULD be just for special occasions!).
Mar - West Leederville

"My favourite Olio Bello olive oil would have to be the Chilli & Garlic infused oil as it has so many uses as well as tasting delicious. I find that you can put the oil on pasta with a bit of parmesan and basil and you’ve got a very simple meal…used in Asian inspired dishes it adds a depth of flavour and of course it’s also great in salad dressings! "
Charlotte- Atwell

"The newest latest earliest crop of olive oil … at room temperature of course with your bread … simply wonderful!"
 Wendy - Cowaramup

"Chili Oil - the best I just about put it in and on everything 😋"
Cheryl - WA

"My favourite at the moment is Kurunba because it's fresh, herby and zesty without being too powerful in the back of the throat or, too peppery. Just right!"
Delia - Brunswick, Vic

"Favourite oil is Chilli & Garlic Infused."
Anne-marie, Ascot

"Our favourite Olio Bello oil is 5 Fruits Pressed oil. It is just so fragrant and dresses a salad beautifully. We always have a bottle on hand to drizzle over salads or open sandwiches.
Stephanie - Success

"My favourite 😍 olive oil is the Garlic 🧄 and Chilli 🌶 infused olive 🫒 oil. I use it when cooking steaks . I love it in salads and I know how good it tastes. I will always use Olio Bello olive oil because it is organic and it never fails to please the taste buds."
Carla Lewis - WA

"My most favourite of all your oils would have to be the Parmesan Olive Oil 🫒 I use this in my pasta, scrambled eggs, over my pizzas 🍕 salads and more...I sometimes also mix both the parmesan and chilli oil together ❤ 😋"
Marea - WA

"Our favourite Olio Bello oil is 5 Fruits Pressed oil. It is just so fragrant and dresses a salad beautifully. We always have a bottle on hand to drizzle over salads or open sandwiches."
Stephanie - Success

"They are all favourites - but if I have to choose only one it would be the Lemon pressed , thank you."
Les - Cowaramup

"Our Favourite oil is Romanza as it goes with all our cooking and dipping with dukkah"
Melvin - Yokine