Infused Oil Collection - OLIO BELLO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Olio Bello

Flavoured Oils (Infused)

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Parmesan Infused
Another Olio Bello staple. So popular it’s challenging to keep up with the demand. Excellent oil to use when the flavour of this unique cheese is required.
Cheesy yet inoffensive.
Minestrone, fresh pasta, mashed potatoes, Roma tomato and spinach salad. A perfect accompaniment to Olio Bello’s Dukkah. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.
Chilli & Garlic Infused
An Olio Bello mainstay. This beautifully warm and nutty combination of flavours allows the unique qualities of each ingredient to develop on the palate. Just the right amount of tingle to suit every taste.
Warm roasted garlic followed by a medium chilli bite.
Mussels, Octopus, Squid, Chilli Con Carne, marinating prime cuts for char grilling. A perfect accompaniment to Olio Bello’s Dukkah. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.
Tomato Bruschetta
Rosemary & Lime Infused
Nothing smells or tastes as good as freshly cut Rosemary, except this exquisitely designed oil. The flavour is expertly captured and delicately rounded with a hint of fresh lime. Forget the gravy and mint sauce – this is lamb’s true companion.
Herbaceous mellow rosemary with a hint of lime lingering of the palate.
Vegetable salads, roast lamb, chicken or beef, thick soups. Drizzle over poached pear or rhubarb.
Vanilla Infused
Love the smell of softened vanilla ice cream or a thick shake? Then this oil is the only choice for your baking and dessert creations. Warm, soft and mellow, drizzle over anything to add intense vanilla flavour or blend into ice cream, frostings and batters.
Dense vanilla pods.
Pancakes, French toast, friands, biscotti, prosciutto/ fig and goats cheese salad, all things chocolate, carrot cake.
Roasted Garlic Infused
Gently roasted garlic aromas and flavours predominate. Deliciously balanced to add depth to your chosen cuisine. Flavourful enough to use as a marinade yet subtle enough to be drizzled over salads.
Nutty and wholesome roasted garlic.
Seafood, char grilled vegetables, pesto, perfect accompaniment to Olio Bello’s Dukkah. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.
Chilli & Cardamon

The cardamon and chillies are infused in our evoo for up to two months giving a smooth combination of these herbaceous herbs along with subtle fruity tones.

Silky savoury spiciness with a classic chilli tang

Great with chicken, pasta, lentils, rice fish and Indian style cuisine.

This special TRIPLE PACK showcases the diversity of the Olio Bello range of 500ml Oils and features our robust EVOO 'Romanza' – named after the ship that transported our pressing machine all the way from Italy to Margaret River! Also includes the world-first Five Fruits EVOO and award winning Premium EVOO.

This pack is ideal for summer BBQs, fresh seasonal cooking, drizzling on salads, pasta or seafood.