Our olives are hand picked from our Estate throughout the day and immediately delivered to our cold press processing plant on the farm which operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week where they are pressed without delay which may include the evening and the early hours of the morning.

The distinguishing flavours and full nutritional content of our extra virgin olive oil is safeguarded by delivery to the press within minutes of harvesting. Timely pressing captures the full flavours, complexity, and character of our oil. This relationshipĀ of harvest-to-processing time is extremely important for you, the buyer, seekingĀ unsurpassed quality and unequalled taste in every bottleĀ for consumption and health.

Estate pressed means we have total control over our entire oil making process from the soil to the bottle. With 14 different varieties grown on the property from Greece, Italy, Tuscany, Spain and France, this gives us the unique freedom to make limitless choices from such an extensive range at blending time. We produce mono varietals and distinctive blends that represent particular regional characteristics. Some of the varieties grown on the property are unique and are rarely seen or pressed for oil in Australia.