Five Fruits Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Five Fruits Pressed Oil is uniquely crafted by pressing organic oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, lemons and limes (as whole fruit), simultaneously with our organic olives. 

Sourced from our organic orchard on the property, our Five Fruits Pressed Oil not only offers  a power-packed fruit juice rich in antioxidant value,  but we also think it's a world-first! 

Five Fruits,  is a colourful and creative complement to our existing citrus range of olive oils and offers the ultimate culinary accessory for the creative home chef and is truly a  'health-kick' in a bottle. 

In 2021, the oil was awarded a Silver Medal at the WA Olive Awards and has been awarded a Bronze Medal in 2023, for its refreshing and powerful vitamin-packed punch.

Enjoy and experiment with this refreshing, versatile and uplifting oil.


A playful and uplifting punch of zesty fruit salad olive oil.


Refreshing and tangy citrus, with intense after-kick of flavour.

Great with seafood, chicken, salads, desserts and cakes, smoothies, over porridge, pancakes cheesecakes, and ice-cream.

2023 Judge's Comments:

Aroma: Pronounced pleasant orange aroma. Palette: Mild orange flavour on the palate. Complexity: Bitterness of carrier oil dominates.