Bella Beauty - Organic Skincare



Curated by our Olio Organics Skincare team and featuring the “Top Five” Must Have Products for the Face and Body, this ‘Bella Beauty Collection can be used seamlessly together for best results, or individually, to suit your needs. All products are lovingly hand-made at the Farm with the purist of ingredients, including our Certified Organic Olive Oil.  We hope you or your loved one enjoy and benefit from this carefully crafted Collection!

‘Bella Beauty Includes:

1. Jojoba & Neroli  Daily Face Moisturiser  -  A light and versatile moisturiser blending our olive oil with macadamia & jojoba oils to protect and hydrate. Easily absorbed & suitable for all skin types.  Apply each morning for a light,  protective & hydrating layer. 

 2. Cucumber & Rosehip Eye Gel - Dot gently under the eyes for a refreshing & soothing layer of calmness, (use with Moisturiser or Night Cream) Targets puffiness and dark circles.

 3. Tangerine Lip Balm - features our olive oil hand-blended with shea butter, beeswax, coconut & select essential oils. Simply divine and soothing. Apply after moisturiser  - or just keep in your bag for a 24/7 safeguard, when outdoors. 

4. Argan Oil Skin Serum - A little bottle of anti-ageing magic!  Used topically, it provides intense conditioning benefits for dry & dehydrated skin. Also great for hair & to strengthen nails!   Apply after cleansing (before night cream).by simply massaging a few drops, with a gentle press-rolling motion, over your face, neck & décolletage. 

5.Camellia & Chamomile Night Cream - Restorative and replenishing. Featuring Camellia extract for anti-ageing. Adds a  luxury layer of goodness for your skin. Apply before bed and drift into restorative bliss…