Romanza - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Meaning 'Romance' in Italian, this unique and harmonious robust blend, signifies the love affair between Olio Bello’s organic olives and the spectacular Romanza olive grove in the heart of the property. 

It also is the name of our very first oil and  pays tribute, to the ship that transported our world-class pressing mill: The 'Pieralisi', all the way from Jesi in Italy, to the Farm in 2000.

A popular and multi-awarded organic olive oil, the Romanza continues to be a favourite at the farm. 

In 2023, Romanza was crafted from the  Frantoio and WA Mission olive varieties and received a Silver Medal, at the WA Olive Awards - being only one point away from a gold!  

Of particular note, was the high Polyphenol levels of our Romanza Oil (Frantoio and WA Mission), which was recorded at 374 ppm (parts per million). This has made it more robust than previous years and perhaps even healthier, due to the associated antioxidant benefits, of higher polyphenol levels.


A vibrant, herbaceous and fruity aroma,  with a hint of spice and robust balanced complexity between the Frantoio and WA Mission cultivars.

Flavours of tomato, herbs and apples, clean on palate, with a slightly peppery and clean and long robust finish.
Drizzled over pasta, grilled eggplant or field mushrooms. Tuscan style soups, full flavoured meats, roasted vegetables, risotto and marinades. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread and a glass of local vino!
Mushroom Risotto with Garlic, Lemon & Sage  - drizzled with Romanza Olive Oil


2023 Olive Oil Awards

Judge's Comments:

Aroma: Fresh mild aroma of tomato, grass, apple and olives. Palette: Delicate flavour on palate with a creamy clean mouthfeel. Complexity: Mild bitterness and mild pungency with a warm lingering finish.