Historic 2020 Lockdown Harvest Presents Unique Blending Opportunities 

We are proud to present our 2020 collection of new season oils.

Olio Bello's 2020 Harvest was not achieved without its challenges. In fact, we weren't even certain that it would take place at all.

Picked and pressed during the historic  'lockdown' from March to May - Olio Bello was fortunate to have been deemed an 'essential agricultural food producer', allowing our small team to get out in the groves and continue making more of the good oil for WA.

In what was a cyclical 'low production year', we started early due to an extended summer and warmer conditions. This resulted in a yield of smaller fruit parcels, but with higher quality concentrations, providing some new and unique blending opportunities.

Known throughout time to be the purest olive oil - rich in antioxidants and medicinal value, Olio Nuovo (new oil) is also known as 'Liquid Gold' - the unfiltered oil, straight from the press. 

This year, we crafted and released three  Olio Nuovo,(Liquid Gold) oils for our loyal customers :

1. Kalamata - the robust and bold Greek Kalamata needs no introduction and this 'olio nuovo' has an artful peppery finish without overpowering.

2. Arbequina - our increasingly popular and delicate boutique Spanish oil Arbequina is known for its aromatic qualities, smooth sophistication and slightly nutty flavour.

3. Special Release 2020 - this was an Olio Bello first. 

Given the luxury of time, during the shutdown, we went in pursuit of a perfect 'all-rounder'. Taking pockets from the Provencal Boutellian, the Tuscan Frantoio and Corregiolo cultivars to craft a unique and beautifully smooth oil.

Following pressing, our new oil (Olio Nuovo) was stored in a carefully controlled temperature storage facility for approximately 3 months to settle and clarify. The traditional and pressed estate oils, and our popular Infused oils, are then crafted and released in our new  season collection.

We are also proud to have pressed for more than 30 local growers this season  and to promote the strong collegiate spirit of the olive oil industry in Western Australia, despite the odds.

Interestingly, several of our local growers had to obtain approval to cross intrastate borders to actually get to the farm for pressing.

In 2020, we're also happy to have our Kalamata oil back on the shelves. Last year, we picked exclusively for table olives, so we're looking forward to sharing the new season Kalamata oil robust and slightly peppery overtones, with our loyal customers. 

Finally, in November, we received three silver medals at the WA Olive Award) for our Kurunba, Lemon Flavoured and Abequina Oils.

Our Kurunba,  is a 90% blend of our Italian Corregiolo and French Boutellian, with just a subtle suggestion of Marioli at the finish line, creating a more intense flavour..

The smooth, sophisticated and aromatic Arbequina is sensational this year and probably a personal favourite. 

The judges noted an ‘aroma of vegetables, ripe tomatoes and tropical overtones’ - which is what makes this oil an absolute all rounder olive oil. Our  popular Lemon Flavoured olive oil, also received a medal for its flavoursome balance of bitterness and softness,  as it highlights whole, organic orchard lemons which are pressed simultaneously with the olives, to create a unique and refreshing oil.

We thank everyone who assisted us in this year ’s production and to all our staff who chipped in and helped out in the groves, during lockdown. Even some of our chefs.

A tough year, calls for some really good oils and we look forward to sharing them with our valued customers.

We're proud to be a part of the WA olive oil industry. It's is a true labour of love and we’re pleased to present our 22nd historic Lockdown collection of olive oil.and continue our commitment to  the integrity of the process and sustainable organic farming - despite the odds.


Brett- General Manager and Oil Maker - Olio Bello