Here's what the Judge's said, about Olio Bello's medal winners, at the 2022

WA Olive Awards: 

Award Notes

Class 2 : Commercial volume, using oil sourced from a single grove: Production volume of oil is 200 litres to 4,999 litres.

Olio Bello - Romanza Cowaramup, WA 1288 0.2 260 M 85 Silver Mission A: Light fruity, fresh artichoke, green bananas. P: Good transfer of aromas and nice intensity of bitterness, pungency & fruits. C: Long finish, smooth & peppery. Nice complexity, with good balance and clean mouth.

Olio Bello - Arbequina Cowaramup, WA 1285 0.1 250 M 84 Silver Arbequina A/P: Pleasant oil with aromas of green banana, fresh cut grass and tropical notes that transferred to the palate with a nice clean finish. C: Well balanced, harmonious oil with firm bitterness and late persistent pungency.

Olio Bello - Koroneiki Cowaramup, WA 1284 0.3 269 M 82 Silver Koroneiki A: Green herbs, spices and guava. Sharp fresh grasses. P: Fresh and clean on palate. Tomato leaf flavours, along with a good transfer of flavours from the nose. Good pungency and mild bitterness. C: Very complex oil with persistent pungency.

Olio Bello - Leccino Cowaramup, WA 1286 0.1 213 D/M 81 Silver Leccino A: Medium oil with aromas of green apple, green banana and guava that transferred well to the palate. P: Firm bitterness with a long lingering peppery mouthfeel that makes a complex oil.

Olio Bello - Kurunba Cowaramup, WA 1287 0.2 257 M 74 Bronze Corregiola Frantoio A: Fresh and medium-strength aromas of tomato leaf, artichoke, herbal & grassy. P: Light buttery feel in mouth. Grassy aromas transfer well with nutty flavours, and a slow bitterness and pungency. C: Wellbalanced & complex with lasting bitterness and pungency.