Olio Bello Olive Oils


Think of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as you would pure fruit juice -- that's exactly what it is, pressed and "squeezed" so that you can have a sweet, fresh product which is as remarkably healthy for you as it is delicious with no chemicals or additives. Chefs tell us never to cook with wine that we would not drink on its own and the same practice holds true for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Why would you use oil extracted from grain or seeds that have been chemically processed when you can have Olio Bello which means “beautiful oil” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a product that has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet since Biblical times?

Olio Bello produces citrus pressed extra virgin olive oil, whereby whole lemons, limes, or mandarins are added to the press with the olives. The essential oil from the skin of the citrus is extracted at the same time as the oil from the olives. The citrus fruit are organic and grown on the property’s orchard.