Liquid Gold 2024 Triple Pack- Selling Fast!


At the farm, our 'Liquid Gold' arrives in style in its purest and raw form, straight from our Italian Pieralisi Press, to Bottle!. We don't think it gets any better than this, for the ultimate health and culinary benefits!

In this, our 26th Harvest - we’re proud, to present Four of nature’s ancient gems - as we release our 2024 'Liquid Gold, Olio Nuovo (new oil):

1. Kalamata (Greece) - Found exclusively in the Peloponnese region, in the south of Greece. Kalamata oil reflects a more intense, peppery slightly spicy and robust oil.

2. Arbequina (Spain) - Originates from Arbeca in Catalonia - a more delicate, subtle oil with hints of spice, and a sophisticated buttery, finish.

3. Correggiola (Italy) - A lesser known variety from Tuscany (related to Frantoio), with crisp, peppery and fruity aromatics.

4. WA Mission (New Norcia/Spain) - A Spanish variety, which was transported to WA's New Norcia via the Spanish Monks. This oil is on the milder side, with a creamy finish and hint of pepper.

Enjoy this very special gift of nature.

Things to Know

  •  This is an exclusive  Offer with only 400 bottles available (100 of each variety)
  • For your convenience, a small number will be available at the Farm Shop.
  • Please note - that Liquid Gold is only available in 500ml bottles
  • It is raw, unfiltered oil (in its purest form). If you don’t consume it quickly (ie: within 3-4 months), simply decanter and keep in a cool, dry place  - for a longer shelf life.
  • All enquiries: please email our team: