Mango Chilli & Lime Dressing 250 ml


Inspired by farm produce and a long West Australian summer, this Mango Chilli & Lime Dressing adds a distinct point of difference, as a kitchen staple. Hand made at the farm, the combination of sweet and spicy textures, fuse to create a tangy and refreshing statement! Enjoy with summer salads, seafood and grilled chicken. Mix into a coleslaw or noodle salad, drizzle over fish tacos, or use as a dipping sauce for cold chicken and BBQ meats.


Olio Bello certified organic extra virgin olive oil (evoo)Mango (40%)White Wine VinegarWaterLime Juice (4%)Caster SugarChillies (3%)GarlicGingerSaltCitric AcidArrowroot (tapioca)

Allergens: No added preservatives. Gluten Free.