Liquid Gold (Olio Nuovo) 2023 - SOLD OUT


A Taste of Italy

Saturday 15 July 

We apologise but our Liquid Gold Limited Release has Sold Out within hours!

If you love the sound of this oil - please consider a bottle of Premium Blend or our award winning Arbequina, Kurunba or Special Release Marioli.

Our new season oils with our full collection will be out later in the year

Thank you for your support of Olio Bello.

Introducing the 2023 Liquid Gold (Olio Nuovo)

100 Bottles Only!

It's olive oil, in its purest form - straight from the tree, to press!

Produced from our certified organic farm Olio Nuovo (New Oil) is the term given to the extra virgin olive oil, immediately after pressing (before the sediment settles).  After this, the clarified oil is decanted and bottled (to create next season's collection).

This year's exclusive release  is a medium bodied, fresh, grassy and herbaceous "Liquid Gold', blend of Corregiolo and Frantoio from the heart of our olive groves.

This is a spectacular oil blend, with a hint of artichoke and almond - which delivers a slightly peppery, yet smooth and slightly spicy finish.

The health and culinary benefits - are second to none. We don't think it gets any better than this, for goodness and antioxidant value!

Please note that each bottle - features two types of certified organic olive varieties from the farm:

1. Frantoio - Tuscany, Italy

2. Corregiolo - Tuscany, Italy


In its 'raw' form, the oil has a shelf life, of around three months. It will then be settled in our large stainless steel vats - and become a part of our  2023/24 collection. If you don't consume it quickly - simply decanter/filter at home. 

Enjoy - the health and culinary benefits of this year's Liquid Gold.

Drizzle Generously on everything - (fresh crusty bread, cereal, porridge,  salads, roast veggies, pasta, casseroles, curries, etc) - or use as a daily teaspoon 'tonic'.

Please store away from light, or heat.

Thanks for your support and enjoy!

The Olio Bello team