Coinciding with our 30th year, we have responded to customer needs and tripled the floor space of our busy Tasting Room just in time for the annual Christmas holiday tourist season. 

Recognising the need to provide more space for customers to taste and browse, and staff to work more efficiently, Brett and his team got to work. Walls came down, and more light flooded in through newly exposed windows, the flooring was ripped up and the concrete polished, and the big wow is the main wall painted to match the Olio Bello lime green – so many changes in so little time.  The Tasting Room looks like a completely new space.  So bright and vibrant, so spacious!  The reaction from our customers has been so positive and supportive, which goes a long way to making the stress of the renovation all worth it.

We have a liquor licence now, with customers really appreciating the convenience of purchasing a beer or a glass of wine to have with lunch. The wine list is in development at the moment, showcasing some magnificent wines from Margaret River and featuring some superb Italian wines. We also have a beautiful Margaret River house red and white that is being bottled exclusively for us   and will be available late February.

Now that things have quietened down a little, and our second chef Francesca has returned from visiting family in Italy, our head chef Camilla is working on a new menu to take advantage of the organic produce being harvested from our organic veggie garden. Our French WWOOFas have crafted some beautiful boards for Camilla to serve her new menu.  Exciting times!

January 29, 2014 — Olio Bello

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