Parmesan Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olio Bello's Parmesan Olive Oil, reflects care, precision and pure creativity.

An Olio Bello forever favourite - we even think this oil has its own private fan club!

The highest quality Parmesan Cheese is added to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and infused for around 6 weeks, prior to bottling.  This allows for the  intense flavours to infuse seamlessly with the oil and create one of our popular and most sought after oils, in our collection.

Once bottled, we even incorporate the  'oil drunk' cheese, into our gourmet red & green pesto dips for a sublime result (available at the Farm only).

AROMA - freshly shaved parmesan

TASTE  - Italian style parmesan dominates with a full flavoured texture and finish

  • Perfect as finishing oil over most Italian savoury dishes.
  • Drizzle over fresh pasta with freshly roasted garlic and garden herbs
  • Pour over a roma tomato and spinach salad
  • Add to minestrone, risotto or mashed potatoes (instead of butter or milk) 
  • Enjoy with fresh crusty bread or use on pizza base
  • A perfect accompaniment to Olio Bello’s Dukkah.


Please note:  Parmesan Oil is one of our most popular Olive Oils - and is sometimes unavailable in all sizes. We apologise in advance if the Parmesan is temporarily unavailable. -but why not try our other infused Oils, like Chilli and Garlic.