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Without a doubt this is one of our most awarded EVO Oils. Essentially fruity & crisp. It has been said it is like biting into Eve’s apple. The popularity of this oil maybe linked to its name “Kurunba” SPIRIT OF THE LAND, and the driving passion behind all that we do at Olio Bello.

Green apple, fresh grass and medium pungency.
Shell fish, leafy green salads, grilled aubergine and tomato. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.
Please note this is currently sold out for 2016 - Please choose from our wide variety of available oils.
The “original” olive, known throughout the world as the one you buy in jars. This magnificent variety also produces a silky slightly spiced oil. Not commonly pressed due to its low yields however it is a sentimental favourite here at Olio Bello.
Flavours of rocket, green peppercorns, mustard greens and strong peppers on the finish.
Marron, crayfish, fresh pasta, mushrooms, asparagus. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.
Nevadillo Blanco

This rare Spanish varietal is very difficult to get your hands on and is often not readily available in Australia. When it is available it is blended with other oils so you rarely get the opportunity to taste the full body of Nevadillo Blanco.


This extremely fruity EVOO displays upfront aroma of stone fruit, berries and tomatoes
with a distinct nutty flavour

Food matching

Meats, Pork and Chicken, Grilled/Roasted vegetables. Marinade combine equal parts of EVOO and Balsamic  vinegar. Fresh caught fish, massage into the skin prior to cooking.


Olio Nuovo

'Hot off the Press- Limited Release Olio Nuovo (new oil) - Liquid Gold Now Available

It's the one our FOOBIES wait for all year! Known throughout time for its quality, rich textures & medicinal value and dubbed by Greek Philosopher Homer as pure 'Liquid Gold', Olio Nuovo (new oil) is produced from our certified organic estate grown and pressed olives and is the unfiltered oil taken from the press immediately after milling.

Presented in its raw state, 'Olio Nuovo' exhibits the ultimate in flavour profile and is rich in antioxidants.

Our 2018 Harvest has presented a stronger yield of lesser known boutique varieties, such as Marioli, Bouteillan & Arbequina – which we’re proud to present as this year’s ‘Liquid Gold’ limited release, along with our Kalamata.

Celebrity Chefs Love Our Liquid Gold!

Limited Release - Only– $29.95

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An equally awarded EVOO. This unique blend signifies the love affair with Olio Bello’s mission and the WA Mission variety that predominated this oil. Also a tribute to the ship that transported our Certified Organic mill from Jesi, Italy.
Herbaceous, green beans, fresh grass.
Drizzled over pasta, Tuscan style soups, risotto and marinades. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.
Mushroom Risotto with Garlic, Lemon & Sage Oil
Special Release

This label was developed to showcase many of the lesser known varieties grown at Olio Bello. Koroneiki and Arbequina are just two choices that never fail to delight the senses and are presented either as single varietals or blended to create that something “Special”.

Generally milder flavours, always fruity, floral and mildly spiced.
Green leafy salads, fresh seafood, fresh vegetables. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.

This special TRIPLE PACK showcases the diversity of the Olio Bello range of 500ml Oils and features our robust EVOO 'Romanza' – named after the ship that transported our pressing machine all the way from Italy to Margaret River! Also includes the world-first Five Fruits EVOO and award winning Premium EVOO.

This pack is ideal for summer BBQs, fresh seasonal cooking, drizzling on salads, pasta or seafood.